Thursday, February 23, 2012

Work through it

I got to spend the first half of my day yesterday running errands, which included way too much driving on these winding Virginia roads that surround our home. Normally, it doesn't get to me often. Just another one of those pregnancy things. Oh the joys of motherhood.

So the headache and drowsiness were pretty intense after lunch, but I knew a nap was nowhere in the forecast, so I decided my only choice was to try and work through the misery and hope I could get the best of it. Luckily, that pretty much worked. I prepped dinner items ahead (so that I could just pop them in the oven when it was time to eat)... did some dishes... and felt like I was better enough to change into my running duds. 

The kids and I headed down to the basement (which is one-part gym, and one-part playroom). And they were extra good for whatever reason, so I was able to do my 6 miles with only one stop... and really, that was probably just as much for me as it was for them. I find myself so much more thirsty lately on my runs. 

Anyway, my total time was 46:35. Started at 8:00 pace, then just kicked it up one notch on the tread for each subsequent mile, which left me at 7:30 pace for the last one. It all felt pretty good. Glad I was able to get over the yucky pregnancy-related feelings and get a decent run in. 

And really, isn't all the nausea, belly-expanding, nose-wiping, and diaper-changing worth it in the end? 



  1. I would have really enjoyed your blog when I was pregnant....26 years ago... <3

  2. You're such an inspiration. YOu make me REALLY want to get a treadmill!