Friday, February 17, 2012

Gu got me through...

Warning to other mom's: If you're going to decide at the last minute to attend a playgroup with some friends... don't do it on a day where they are doing a potluck. Now what in the world am I going to pull together in the next 45 minutes?...... I guess I will figure something out. In the meantime, here's last night's report:

So... 5:30 started creeping up last night, and it was my turn to get onto the treadmill and get those 6 miles done. I complained to Coach Adam that I was feeling super sleepy and not pumped for a run (one of those lovely pregnancy and just general motherhood symptoms). And being the smart and helpful coach that he is, he ran up and down two flights of stairs (after just having completed his second run of the day) and brought me a Gu with some water to wash it down. He always has the answers.

This is actually only the second time ever that I have used a Gu or other energy gel pack... so I don't have a lot to compare to. They may be hard to swallow sometimes, but I do know that both times I have used them have been days where I was feeling drowsy and heavy, and they have totally done the trick. Just a short few minutes into the run, and I was feeling much better.

I ended up just doing 1 mile warmup (8:00 pace, as always), then .25 mile intervals... one on, one off. The on's ranged from 7:30 pace, up to 6:57 pace on the last one, with the recoveries at about 7:47 pace. It all felt pretty good, especially with that little caffeine boost I got from the Gu. My total time for 6 miles ended up being 45:50, or 7:38 pace. Not too shabby at all.

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