Saturday, February 25, 2012

More tricks

Thursday: Did 5 on the treadmill in 39:05. Nothing special, but it's done.

Friday: 6 on the treadmill in 46:45.

Yet again, I was feeling super tired, with a little bit of nausea here and there. Never enough to make me throw up, but just enough to make the thought go through my mind. But I tried to focus on drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Also, we got a big container of Gatorade powder mix... so we can save some money on that. For some reason, a bottle of Gatorade really helps me lately when I am feeling that hollow and drained pregnant thing. So I have been having one in the mid-morning hours most days this week. And I do feel a difference. Sometimes water just isn't enough for a busy, running mom I guess.

Also, to help the drowsiness, I swiped some of Adam's Powerbar Gel Blasts... ate a few shortly before the run, a couple halfway through, and then the last few when I finished, always accompanied by some water. I don't know for sure that those made the difference, but I know that I was over the tiredness quickly and felt pretty good and less thirsty throughout the entire run... so I might start trying to use those more often... probably just on my longer days, unless I'm feeling really desperate for energy.

I have to say, I am enjoying trying out all of these different things and seeing the effect they have on my pregnancy symptoms, especially in relation to my running. I feel like I am already doing a lot more to keep things running smoothly than I ever thought to do in the last pregnancy. So I'm hoping for a bright future these next 7-8 months. Here's hoping!


  1. 5 miles in 39 minutes... no big deal... RIIIIGHT! That's how long it takes me to do a 5k sometimes!

  2. Whatever Cathy... then you go out for a long run and say... "I don't know why... long runs are just easy for me..." :) We all have our things, right?