Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday Recap... and Inspiration

Slow to post, but Saturday was a pretty good day. I was considering only doing a 5-miler, since that would put me at 31 again for the week, which would be fine.

Then I wandered onto Facebook...

... and of course, my amazing sisters had posted some videos of a SUPER-WINDY 7 miler they did together in the chilly Utah hills. I have a lot of inspirational people around me... especially when it comes to running. I have a husband who is incredible in his achievements, and these sisters (in-law actually, but since I never had sisters growing up, they are like my real sisters... very awesome ones) who accomplish any amazing goal they put in their minds. And generally, with more outside responsibilities... and more kids. They are tough chicks.

So, if they could get out there in that nasty wind, I said "okay, I can do 7 on my flat treadmill with a nice cool fan on my back." And I did. I can't remember the exact time (I have it written down in the basement, but I'm too lazy to go check). But I know the average was in the low 7:40's per mile... so it was a good run. I used the gel blasts again, and felt great... none of those drained or dehydrated, running-on-empty, kind of moments.

So THANK YOU, Cathy and Joy, for making me want to do more! Love you guys!

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