Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Sympathy Long Run

Friday: Did 5 on the trusty old treadmill. Planned to use it as a recovery day of sorts, but felt pretty good, so I ended up pushing it a little more. Finished in 38:10.

Saturday: Feels like I did a long run today. I served as the drive along help on a 23 mile training run for my husband and a friend. Obviously, they are out of my league, but I like to support their awesome efforts, so I drove ahead and stopped every 4 miles to set up a water/gu stop on the tailgate of the truck, then followed after, picked up the bottles, and went to the next check point. I even had the two kiddos strapped in the truck the whole time (they were pretty darn good, considering how long we were out). Anyway, the guys had a good run, and I came home happy to have contributed, but exhausted from the early wake up and endless driving. Felt like I was running right along with them. Of course, Adam had to head to work shortly after we got home, so I did my 4 easy miles on the treadmill pretending I was on the beautiful back roads from their run this morning. 31:30. That brings my week to 31. Good enough.

Pregnancy note: Keep drinks handy... always. Not just on runs, but all day long. Water is of course the key priority, but I have been finding that those smaller bottles of Gatorade can be a real pick-me-up when I'm feeling that drained, empty, or light feeling that I get on those busy pregnant days.

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