Monday, February 20, 2012

Post Run Snacks

I think the weekend is still on me right now. That early outing for Adam's run, then some not so peaceful nights with kids, and an early wake-up for church yesterday has left me super worn out. 

I had a pretty productive day today, but through it all, I've felt like I could fall over and go to sleep at any point.  In fact, I did at one point when the kids wanted me to come in their room while they played. That's what I get for choosing the bed to sit on. 

Anyway, did 5 miles this afternoon. Didn't feel like my legs and body were waking up till after mile 3 or so... so it wasn't the funnest run ever, but it was alright. Time was 39:35. 

But the kids and I were happy in the end because runs always mean post run snacks! A banana and some chocolate milk for me AND  for them. Happy times. 

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  1. You're amazing, Hayley. Way to go! You great mommy, you. :)