Sunday, April 1, 2012

The next crazy week...

So, to recap this week.

Monday: 5 on the treadmill. Still at a fairly slow pace because of the ankle.

Tuesday: 0 miles. Managed to break or badly sprain the middle toe on my left foot. Couldn't walk well the rest of that day, so no run. Just ice on the foot. Yay.

Wednesday: 0 miles. Still trying to wait it out, still not walking great. Plus, Seth started getting sick. Another case of bronchiolitis. Yay.

Thursday: 0 miles, but Jillian Michaels workout video. I had to do something.

Friday: 0 miles. busy, and still depressed about the toe.

Saturday: 3 miles on tread!!! plus, Jillian Michaels (by request of my 3-yr-old... she loves "exercise movies").
My toe felt pretty good. I could feel it was there and not normal, but it didn't stop the run at all. However, my ankle STILL slowed me down a lot. Coach Adam says I sprained it. So, I'm trying to do some weighted PT work on it, and I'm gonna try running outside more this week since Adam will be home more (and my outdoor stuff seems to hurt a little less). But I'm already fed up with these "injuries" slowing and even stopping my running... so I gotta make this week happen. On to better things!

Weekly Total: ..........8 miles..... (lowest in a loooooooooong time).