Monday, August 27, 2012

Quality Week

Surprised at the quality of running that I got in last week. I didn't do anything crazy mileage-wise, but even without the treadmill for a few days, I survived.

First, I have to say I felt very blessed that last week was like the coolest week temp-wise that we have had in quite some time. The mornings were actually kind of chilly. Wonderful hints of fall. Got the treadmill part in the mail on Wednesday and had a working treadmill on Thursday. Thank you, handy husband! Took a lot of messing around and tinkering, but he was quite determined, and the belt has been staying pretty much centered. Hurray!

So here's how the week went:

Monday: 3 miles in downtown BV on a nice, cool morning, pushing the double stroller of course. Went downtown for the flat, quiet neighborhood roads. Ran 3 miles, with a short 1-2 minute water/check the kids break after each one. Didn't feel amazing on the first one... some pelvic soreness (my recent uninvited companion in pregnant running), so I decided to try and relax through the next 2 miles and let my body run whatever pace it wanted. Yeah, I went from 10:45 the first mile, to 10:40 for the next two. I guess I'm not that good at consciously slowing down. Oh well. Felt fine. Then let the kids play at the playground for a while. Good times.

Tuesday: Did another 3 miles with breaks in between, this time pushing the stroller in the afternoon. It wasn't cool,, but it was a doable hot, less humid than most the summer has been. Did it on the close to flat, 1/2 mi stretch of road oustide the house. It was boring to run back and forth, but there is just enough incline in one direction to give a slight challenge followed by relief at the turnaround. Seemed to work in my favor, as my first mile was right at 10 minutes, the second at 9:50, and the third at like 9:38. Awesome. 

Wednesday: Dental appointments and such... didn't run. 

Thursday: Got to use the treadmill, and was slightly disappointed. After only a couple of runs outside, I was finding it impossible to get into a rhythm on that thing. I guess I just need to give it time. Did 3 miles in a little in like 31:05.

Friday: Adam is working at a volunteer assistant coach of sorts for the SVU cross country team (guys and girls). He was off work and went to their practice that morning, and called me after a little while saying I should come let the kids play by him and get my own run in out there while the team practiced. When I got there, I was actually just in time to run the 2 mile course with the two slower girls on the team. It was a super challenging course for me with some killer hill sections and some rough surface. But it was a lot of fun. And I enjoyed talking to and helping the girls I ran with. One in particular was struggling a bit and feeling out of shape from summer break, and I was able to pass on some tips and help her though those harder sections so that she could keep going. So fun to do that. Makes me want to find more people to run with and help. It was a very cool and fulfilling way to get a workout in. Anyway, we did 2 of those 2 miles loops. The first was in 19:30, and the second was about 18:55. Awesome workout.

Saturday: no run. And I knew there wouldn't be. I was SOOO sore after doing the XC stuff on Friday. My pelvic muscles get super sore after tough runs, and this was the toughest I've done this pregnancy, so I was plenty sore... like had trouble getting up and walking most the day on Friday. Still worth it, I think. And I am recovered now (on Monday). 

Week Total: 13 GOOD miles. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Treadmill Saga

32.5 weeks along.
Still running.
Still feeling good.

The last few weeks have been good ones. Other than scheduling issues with traveling and such, I have still been getting in 14-20 miles each week. Some were even outside while I was in Stafford... which felt amazing and were at a faster pace with less brakes than when I run on the treadmill at home. That was fun to see... although a little depressing to know that I could be doing that if schedules and kids allowed. Oh well. Still nice to know it is there.

Highlights from these weeks:
-a 5 miler outside in 45:17 (Yes, just over 9 minutes pace on hill I used to think were bad).
-a 6 miler on the Chessie trail here in Buena Vista where I fought off nature, climbed through pasture gates, tip-toed through mud/manure bogs, fought off hissing geese with a large stick, and lost a standoff with a bunch of momma cows and their calves. Okay, maybe that's more of a low-light, especially with how sore it left me... but I feel tough for surviving it at 29 weeks.
-a 2 miler this week. Short, I know... but it was about feeling the speed just for old time's sake. Well, speed is relative at 32 weeks.... so did a 10 minute warmup mile, then sped up each lap of the next mile, with the last lap under 8 minute pace... total mile was 8:47. Nothing for my non-pregnant self to care for, but great for where I am. Won't do it again this pregnancy, but still glad I let myself once.

32 weeks along... following the quick 2 miler.
 The Sad News:
My beloved treadmill has a broken part that is keeping the belt from staying centered, rendering it unsafe for this pregnant lady to use. It stopped being usable Friday, and with our busy schedules and my lack of motivation to run in the heat of day, I ended up missing Friday and Saturday. And I was SO on track for a 20 mile week, but got halted at 14. Oh well. We are ordering the needed part for the treadmill and hoping it will do the job. But it probably won't get here in time to help me this week, so I am still figuring out what to do.

The husband is usually up at 5 am for his runs, with no time in between them and work. Then by the time he returns from work, it's dinner time and the evening is consumed with cleanup, kid maintenance, Adam's study time, bed time, and prep for the next day. So really, it's got to happen during the day. Which means... heat and double strollers outside... or lame cross-training inside. Bleh. I guess I'll figure something out.