Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mind Games

Yesterday, still felt super sluggish. Haven't caught up on sleep... and that whole first-trimester exhaustion thing must be kicking in more than I wanted to accept. Anyway, I was not feeling like hitting the treadmill... but sitting on a stationary bike sounded slightly more appealing... at least I'd be sitting, right? 

So I go to Coach Adam and ask his opinion on the matter. And being the genius he is, his reply is... "No bike, just run 2 miles." ....... 2 miles, I can do that. And it's a much shorter time than I had thought to do the bike. Fine, I'll do 2. 

But of course, once you've done 2, and you're already there on the treadmill sweating it out, your mind automatically says, "well, I may as well do one more"........

5 minutes later... "Okay, I'll just make it an even 4 miles... it's only a few more minutes anyway."

4 miles in 31:05.

Adam always knows the answers. So if you are thinking of skipping a run, "Just go do 2" and you'll likely end up with 4 or more. I love my coach.

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