Thursday, June 7, 2012

Odd Week for Workouts

Okay, so maybe the week itself hasn't been that odd. Maybe it's just me. Either way.

Tuesday: The kids needed to get out, and I wanted some time in the sun, so I decided to try for a long walk/run. Mostly walk, with just some running on the downhills (which is almost impossible to avoid anyway with the double stroller pulling you on those steep grades). Anyway,the street we live on is quiet and safe to walk with the stroller, and it's just a .75ish mile loop. So I did lots of loops.... well 4 miles worth of loops, then some out and back over and over on the milder side of the loop since the steep hills on the other side were starting to make my ankle/shin flare up again. The kids were asleep before the first mile hit, and I had the convenience of passing the house for a bathroom break and such, which was nice. But yeah, ended up pushing those 100+ lbs in the afternoon heat for 5.6 miles. Not bad... and definitely a workout. Took me a little over an hour and a half, including bathroom breaks and helping kids while they were awake.

Wednesday: Not my best day. I wasn't feeling well to begin with, but thought I'd force myself onto the treadmill anyway. But alas, even starting at a super slow pace, my ankle was killing me (I'm assuming from walking all those hills with the stroller). So I gave in to the pain and called it recovery/rest day instead.

Thursday: Woke up feeling terrible, like first trimester all over again nausea and such. Not fun. So after lying around wishing I could feel better for the first half of the morning, I decided.... "The Lord doesn't want me feeling this way... or passing the day this way." So I got up, showered, ran some errands, and by afternoon, felt ready for a run. Did 5 on the treadmill, gradually speeding up from the slow 9's to fairly well under 8 for the last mile. Felt pretty good. Total time was 42:44.

Friday: Another non-motivated day. Didn't feel up to running at all, and my ankle was hurting. So I followed one of Coach Adam's old sayings he always gives me on these days... "Just do 2... you can do 2." Some days this ends up being 4 or 5, but it only turned unto 3 this day. 3 slow miles at a steady 10 minute pace. No fun, but it was done.

Saturday: Best run I've had for a while. Adam went out and did his 20-miler nice and early, so that I could meet a new running friend by the river trail at like 8:30. It was awesome. I don't get many (like not any) opportunities to run with people, but it made such a huge difference. The time just flew by and I didn't think about it at all since we were talking the whole time. We did run pretty good for my current state though. We ended up doing a little under 7 miles in... well, I can't remember now, but it was under an hour. I think we were between 8:30 and 8:45 pace for most of it. And the trail was very nice. Had to jump some puddles and branches, but it was very pleasant. Great way to end an off week.

Side note: We finally tried out a green smoothie recipe this week, and I have to say, we loved it. Of course, we did choose one of the sweeter-looking ones without a lot of crazy ingredients. But it was yummy, and I was more than pleased to watch my children happily consuming something with a good amount of spinach in it! Miracles do happen! If you want to try the one they like, it's a Paula Deen (of course... she's the only one I trusted to have a green smoothie that actually tasted good and sweet). hahaha.

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